Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our food boxes.
Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our food boxes.


So, what is HelloFresh?

We’re a recipe boxe delivery service designed to make dinnertime quick, easy and delicious!

How do we do this? By delivering fresh, seasonal ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards right to your door, making it quick and easy for you to cook wholesome dinners the whole household will love.

You select your meals to create your perfect menu, and we’ll deliver the exact amounts of everything you need to make the meal. You’ll just need to have a few pantry staples on hand (don’t worry - it’s just basic things like salt, pepper and oil).

We run a flexible subscription, so there’s no scary lock-in terms or cancellation fees. And the best part? You can manage your account by simply logging into your account on our homepage. Just make sure any changes are made before our deadline, which is at 23:59 on Wednesday, the week prior to your delivery.

What's in the box?

In your box, you'll receive:

6 step photographed recipe cards, an insulated cool bag with reusable gel ice packs containing all your meat and dairy products, and all the portioned out ingredients you need to easily create delicious dinners.

The only ingredients you may need at home are:

Cooking oil Butter Salt Pepper Sugar Eggs Flour Milk

What is a flexible subscription?

A flexible subscription means there is no minimum term, and you can change your deliveries to fit in with your hectic lifestyle. On holiday or busy next week? You’re the boss! Simply log into your account on our website and make your changes by 23:59 on Wednesday, the week prior to your delivery.

How have you reduced the packaging?

At HelloFresh we're commited to reducing our packaging. However, to provide fresh, high quality ingredients we do need to ensure some items are packaged.

We have a packaging reduction programme in place and since 2017 we've reduced the packaging in the boxes by 20%. This includes removing all black plastic, replacing trays with skin packs and we work with industry bodies like WRAP to explore ways that we can take advantage of innovations in packaging.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and PayPal. We are working to expand payment options for you so please stay tuned!

If you ever need to change the way you pay for your boxes, you can do so here:

Update payment details

Do you offer boxes for one?

Whilst we don't have a box specifically designed for one person, lots of our customers are single-person households and find it works perfectly with their lifestyle!

You can gain eternal popularity with your friends by inviting them over for a delicious home-cooked meal, tuck into any remaining food later in the week, or even better, pack them for lunch the following day!

Can I have my deliveries every two or four weeks?

Some of our customers don't like to receive boxes every week. The beauty of our self-managed subscription is, you don't have to. Need to skip a delivery? Simply click on the icon below to login and use the arrows to navigate to plan settings and select 'skip a week':

Skip a week

Remember to update your account by our deadline, which is at 23:59 on Wednesday, the week prior to your delivery day. Changed your mind? You can also unskip a delivery by following the same steps above, as long as you do so by our deadline.

When will I be charged?

For all orders we charge the day after our deadline which is at 23:59 on Wednesday, the week prior to your delivery day.

Can I see my meals and what's coming up?

Yes, of course. Click the icon below and log in: Upcoming meals Once logged in, you will be able to see all the meals in your box type that have been posted so far. You can navigate between weeks using the arrows on both sides of the 'My Menu' page title.

Can I recycle my packaging?

At HelloFresh, we’re very mindful of the sustainability of packaging used and sent out to customers. We’re continuously looking at how we can reduce waste as a business while ensuring our food is in the best condition possible. We always aim to use packaging that contains recycled materials, as well as packaging that can, where possible, be recycled in order to reduce our footprint and impact on the environment.

Packaging improvements have always been a priority to our operations teams around the world and the balance we always strive for is between the amount of packaging and the need to maintain food quality and safety (and thereby reduce food waste). We have labels on our packaging which will tell you exactly what can and can't be recycled.

How much will I be charged?

The price of your delivery depends on the size of box you order and the meals you select each week. Take a look at all our recipes and pricing options here. Currently we have boxes with 3, 4 or 5 meals for 2 person and 4 person. However, we are working to expand the box size so please stay tuned!

How do I report fraudulent activity using the HelloFresh brand?

We are aware of fraudulent websites and emails that look very similar to HelloFresh or carry our branding. In Ireland, HelloFresh operates solely through the web domain, For all other official domains operating under the HelloFresh brand name, please visit our global website here. We urge customers to keep their details safe and remember we will never email you to ask you for your personal details, financial or otherwise.

If you think you might have been targeted by fraud or a scam regarding HelloFresh please contact our customer service team anytime using our contact page.

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