Chorizo Recipes and Dinner Ideas with Chorizo

Explore our flavourful range of chorizo recipes for delicious inspiration. From spicy chorizo tacos to filling pasta dishes, discover new ways to savour this ingredient in your cooking.

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What is Chorizo?

Chorizo is a flavourful sausage originating from Spanish and Portuguese cuisines, though variations are found across Latin America and beyond. It is typically made from ground pork, and seasoned with a blend of smoked paprika, garlic, and other spices, which gives it its distinctive smoky and spicy taste. The sausage is often cured or smoked, though there are also fresh versions.

Spanish chorizo is typically divided into two main types: "chorizo picante" (spicy) and "chorizo dulce" (sweet). The spicy version is seasoned with hot paprika or chilli powder, while the sweet variety is milder and often flavoured with sweet paprika or other herbs.

Chorizo adds depth of flavour to a wide range of dishes, including stews, soups, paellas, tacos, pasta dishes, and more. It can be sliced and pan-fried, grilled, or added to dishes as a flavourful ingredient. Its rich, smoky flavour profile makes it a popular choice for adding depth and complexity to various recipes, making it a beloved ingredient in many cuisines around the world.

How to Cook Chorizo

Cooking chorizo is a straightforward process that can be adapted to various dishes and preferences.

Slicing: If your chorizo is in sausage form, slice it into rounds or chunks or cubes, depending on your recipe or preference.
Pan-Frying: Heat a skillet or frying pan over medium heat. Add a small amount of oil if necessary (though chorizo typically releases its own oils as it cooks). Once hot, add the sliced chorizo.
Adjusting Flavour: Depending on your recipe, you might want to cook other ingredients with the chorizo, such as onions, garlic, or vegetables. The chorizo's oils will infuse the other ingredients, adding depth of flavour to your dish.
Incorporating into Recipes: Once cooked, chorizo can be added to a wide variety of dishes, including pasta, rice, soups, stews, scrambled eggs and more. Simply mix it in with the other ingredients and continue cooking until everything is heated through.

Enjoy experimenting with chorizo in different recipes to discover your favourite way to enjoy this delicious ingredient!

Chorizo Recipe FAQs

Is chorizo good for you?

Chorizo can be high in fat and calories, so it should be consumed in moderation. However it is a good source of protein and B vitamins, so can be incorporated into a well balanced diet.

What spices are in chorizo?

Chorizo typically contains a blend of spices, including paprika, garlic, cumin, and chilli powder, which contribute to its distinct flavour.

Where is chorizo from?

Chorizo has origins in Spain and Portugal, but various types of chorizo are now popular in many more countries around the world.

What can I cook with chorizo?

Chorizo can be used in a variety of dishes, such as paella, pasta, tacos, soups, and stews, adding a rich kick to the recipes.

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