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Irish Recipes and Dinner Ideas

Fancy the taste of classic Irish dishes? Recreate your favourite meal at home and choose from our selection of HelloFresh Irish recipes. You’ll be sure to find a recipe everyone will love, from shepherd's pie to beans and sausages.

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What are traditional Irish recipes?
When it comes to typical Irish recipes, most people go straight to stews and soups. And while we do cook up a mean Irish stew and leek and potato soup, Irish food is so much more. From classic dishes that have lots of history, to recipes made with all the fresh produce that Ireland has to offer, to dishes with new, modern takes derived from Irish city food scenes, there are countless Irish recipes that taste incredible. Here are some of the meals you can make at home, whether you’re in need of a comforting, hearty dinner or you’re celebrating Ireland with St. Patrick’s Day recipes.
Irish Seafood Recipes
Because our little island is surrounded by so much ocean and sea, Ireland is famous for its fresh seafood. From wild Atlantic salmon to Dublin Bay prawns, it’s no surprise that there are so many Irish recipes that make the most of these high quality ingredients. Seafood chowder is a classic Irish dish and can be made with all sorts of fish such as hake, salmon, cod and prawns. It’s thought that Irish chowder was invented by Irish fishermen who added their catch of the day to their colcannon. There are lots of other seafood dishes that are Irish recipe staples too, including classic fish and chips, garlic prawns and herby hake, making the Emerald Isle a pescatarian’s dream!
Irish Stew Recipes
We couldn’t talk about Irish recipes without discussing the famous Irish stew. Traditionally made with mutton or lamb, onions and potatoes, the recipe now has many popular variations and is often made with beef and an assortment of vegetables. The dish can also vary from family to family, and the argument of which Irish stew recipe is right is one that’s been ongoing for centuries. Now, there are even more popular one-pot stews that are popular throughout the country, as traditional recipes have integrated with other cuisines and vegetarian diets have grown more popular. Vegetable stews made with Ireland’s fresh, homegrown produce is a popular recipe, while adding chorizo to stews is favoured among many too.
Irish Beef, Pork and Lamb Recipes
Ireland has some of the best pastures in the world and has a long agricultural history, meaning Irish pork, beef and lamb is unmatched. Sausages appear in so many traditional Irish recipes, particularly with colcannon, while meatballs are a popular choice too as they’re so versatile and easy to make. Shepherd’s pie is known for being an Irish dish too, as this also makes the most of Ireland’s fruitful land produce, plus it’s been an Irish family favourite since the 18th century. If you’re cooking up a delicious Irish recipe, be sure to source local meat and make the most out of Ireland’s tasty, fresh ingredients, just like we do at HelloFresh. Order your recipe box now to whip up delicious meals with the freshest ingredients.

FAQs: Irish Food and Recipes

What is Irish food?

Irish food is anything that is grown or farmed from Irish land and sea. It can also include traditional Irish recipes such as Irish stew, colcannon, boxty and soda bread.

Is Irish food good?

Yes! Ireland has some of the best farming conditions in the world meaning Irish produce is so fresh and high quality.

What are popular Irish ingredients?

Popular Irish ingredients include pork, beef, lamb, seafood and root vegetables, due to Ireland’s fruitful land and sea.

Does HelloFresh source local ingredients?

Yes! HelloFresh Ireland partners with local farms and producers to provide fresh ingredients.

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