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Asian Chicken Recipes

Our Asian chicken recipes are among some of our most popular - and it’s easy to see why. Tasty, simple and versatile, they are perfect for enjoying on busy weeknights and wholesome weekend evenings at home. Our Asian chicken recipes are inspired by many different cultures and contain an eclectic blend of spices and flavours - not forgetting that they’re also packed with colourful veggies!

Some of our most popular Asian chicken recipes include this delicious Chicken Pad Thai that’s both fresh and fragrant, alongside our Chicken Fried Rice that is not only super tasty, but also a fakeaway favourite, so you can enjoy Ireland’s second most popular takeaway at home, saving you some money.

Asian Fish Recipes

Fish is a staple in Asian recipes, and we have utilised this in so many of our Asian-inspired dishes. We have plenty to choose from, including Asian salmon recipes like this Teryaki Glazed Salmon that’s simple, tasty and ready to eat in under 30 minutes. Our Asian fish recipes don’t stop there, though. We also have delicious prawn recipes for you to try, including our Ginger Lime Prawn Noodles. A tantalising mix of sweet and sour, it tends to all of your cravings in just one meal. If you're looking for something a bit richer, this Prawn Thai Curry is warming, zesty and bursting with flavour. If you want more fish and seafood recipes to try, we also have an amazing pescatarian meal plan that provides you with fresh ingredients and step-by-step instructions delivered straight to your door each week.

Asian Beef Recipes

Beef is commonly used in Asian cuisine, and we have tried to create that through our delicious Asian beef recipes. We have Asian beef dishes inspired by many cultures for you to try, including Korea, Vietnam and Japan. We love experimenting with flavours and exploring new food through flavours and our Asian dishes really reflect that. Want to try a signature Vietnamese dish? Our Easy Beef Pho is made up of a rich broth, plenty of healthy veggies and cooked-to-your liking beef. Perfect for all seasons. If you want something light enough for lunch, but also tasty enough to eat for dinner, this Teriyaki Beef Salad is packed full of veggies and couscous, then dressed in a teriyaki sauce that provides a delicious umami flavour. Not only is this Japanese-inspired light and refreshing, it’s also under 650 calories making it ideal for those of you following a low calorie diet.

A Guide to Asian Noodles

Getting your noodles right is crucial when making Asian recipes, whether you’re making a spicy Malaysian laksa or a classic pad Thai. There’s a whole world of noodles out there, but here are a few common varieties you should get to know.

Ramen Noodles

We all know this Japanese wheat noodle as the star of the brothy ramen soup, but what you may not know is that ramen noodles can also be used in cold dishes, like noodle salads and asian slaws – often left uncooked for a satisfying crunch.

Hokkien Noodles

Famous for its part in dishes like Hokkien mee, this chewy, yellow noodle should be bought and cooked fresh. A wheat-based noodle made with egg, Hokkien should be blanched in boiling water before adding to noodle dishes such as Chow Mein.

Rice Noodles

Bun cha, Pad See Ew, Chow Fun, Pho – many of our favorites use the versatile rice noodle. Commonly bought dried, these naturally gluten-free noodles come in many varieties, like rice stick, rice thread and vermicelli. The noodles even come as rice paper sheets for making spring or summer rolls.

Soba Noodles

Made from buckwheat flour, soba noodles have a distinctive flavour and light brown colour. Soba noodles are usually chilled after cooking and served cold – great for summer salads or often enjoyed on their own as a snack with dipping sauce.

Asian Recipes FAQs

Can I receive Asian recipes in my weekly box?

Yes! Our menu changes each week, so you always have the opportunity to try new Asian dishes, recipes and cuisines within your box. Enjoy world cuisine from the comfort of your own home.

Do you have vegetarian Asian recipes?

At HelloFresh, we pride ourselves on catering to many dietary requirements, including vegetarian, so we always make sure to have plenty of vegetarian recipes available for you to try, including within our Asian cuisine.

How many Asian recipes can I choose each week?

You can choose all Asian recipes for your box each week, depending on how many we have on the menu. You can choose up to five recipes each week, catering to up to four people, so if we have that many available, you can choose them all and have them delivered straight to your door.

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