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Parsley Recipes to Try at Home

A parsley garnish is great for a side dish or salad, but this herb offers so much more. Find out more about the many recipes with parsley that highlight this wonderful herb’s distinctive flavour.

How to use parsley in your cooking with these great recipe ideas

Parsley is simple to use. Just pick it and chop it as finely as the recipe demands. To give you a better idea of how easy it is to incorporate this herb into your cooking, check out some of the following recipes.

Creamy prawn linguine with parsley and chilli flake garnish: Numerous Italian pasta recipes make use of parsley, including this linguine and prawn recipe, which only requires you to roughly chop the herb and sprinkle it on as a garnish after the rest of the dish has been prepared.

Hearty vegetable stew with cheesy crostini: Ideal for a winter warmer or as an alternative to Irish stew recipes to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. This vegetable stew recipe makes use of 5 grams of fresh parsley that you can either chop with a knife or cut roughly with scissors.

Crumbed hake and parsley potatoes with pesto topping and radish salad Another superb way to use parsley is to add them to potatoes to enliven these vegetables and raise the standard of your cuisine accordingly. A good example of what to do can be found in this crumbed hake recipe with parsley potatoes. All you need to do is chop the herb and add it to butter to melt over the vegetables. It‘s a delicious method for meat, fish and veggie dishes!

Lemon and parsley hake with cherry tomatoes and charred carrots Finally, parsley works well when it is paired with lemon. You can find out how to use these two timeless ingredients with one another in this tasty fish recipe.

How to use parsley in sauces

Parsley sauce: Parsley sauce is delicious with poultry and fish, especially white fish, such as hake. To make a standard parsley sauce, all you need is a white sauce. You can then add a generous amount of the herb into it, depending on how much parsley you like.

Mushroom stroganoff with cooling creme fraiche and parsley rice: This mushroom-based recipe makes use of 10 grams of parsley for a tangy, rich sauce that uses the herb simply and straightforwardly, adding a certain depth of flavour. You can use dried or chopped flatleaf parsley or even add to the sauce with parsley that you have previously frozen.

Beef rump in garlic parsley butter with tender broccoli and mashed potato: Parsley is such a versatile ingredient that goes well with so many other strong flavours without getting overshadowed. A good example is when it is paired with garlic, as it often is in French cuisine. A great garlic and parsley recipe you can prepare for a special occasion is this tasty beef recipe, but the sauce would work well with pork and other cuts of beef, too.

Parsley Recipe FAQs

How to make parsley sauce?

Parsley sauce is a simple white sauce that has generous amounts of chopped parsley added as an ingredient. Melt butter, add plain flour and milk to make the sauce base, then season with salt and pepper before adding fresh or dried parsley, as preferred.

How to freeze parsley?

Chop your parsley finely, then put it into a sealable freezer bag. Roll the bag up to expel all the air inside to prevent ice crystals from forming inside, and seal the bag before placing it in the freezer.

How to dry parsley?

Baking fresh parsley in the oven is the simplest way to dry it. Put it on a baking tray, whole, at medium heat for about 20 minutes. Take it out, allow it to cool and then chop it, storing it in a jar thereafter.

How to chop parsley?

Place your fresh parsley flat on a chopping board. Take your chopping knife in one hand sideways onto the stalks of the parsley. Then push down on the back of your knife with your free hand, working up and down the length of the herb until it is chopped.

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