Easy Spinach Recipes to Make at Home

Eating spinach may not give you muscles like Popeye, but when you try these tasty recipes, you'll soon see why the sailor man was so obsessed with spinach. It's one of the most versatile veggies around, as you'll see from these spinach recipes.

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All you need to know about spinach

Why Spinach Recipes Should Be on Your Table

We can't get enough of the leafy green stuff! If spinach recipes aren't already part of your regular meal plan, it's time to change that. Here are a few reasons to make sure spinach is on your plate several days a week:

It's full of goodness. Popeye was really on to something! Spinach contains Vitamins A, C and K, along with plenty of iron, potassium and helpful fibre. That's why spinach soup or yummy spinach dip isn't just a tasty treat — it's also good for you with very few calories!

You can eat it at any time of day. One of our favourite things about spinach is how versatile it is! Start the day with a spinach omelette to make sure you're firing on all cylinders, or sneak some greens into your lunchbox with a spinach salad. When it's time for dinner, our spinach and tofu dhal is an excellent way to enjoy a vegetarian meal that will leave you feeling satisfied and ready for bed.

It's one of the best things to put in your salad. Here's a handy tip if you're not sure which greens to go for: the darker the colour, the more nutrients you'll usually find. It's certainly true in the case of spinach. That rich, dark green means it's packed full of the things our bodies need to keep ticking along. Next time you're whipping up a salad, choose spinach rather than iceberg lettuce.

It cooks up in no time. Let's be honest: we're all busy nowadays. Luckily, spinach will come to the rescue when you need veggies in a hurry. Simply blanch it, give it a quick stir-fry or just eat it raw!

Spinach Recipes for Easy Midweek Meals

We love the versatility of spinach. Make it the base of a salad or toss a handful into a curry that's almost finished cooking. Enjoy a side dish of creamed spinach, or try it stir-fried in garlic oil if you're making a Japanese or Chinese meal. Why not try one of these great spinach ideas today?

Spinach pasta: Add a handful of spinach leaves to a pasta sauce that's almost finished cooking. It will wilt in seconds, leaving it ready to eat. Want something that takes even less thought? Pick up a packet of spinach and ricotta tortellini. This handy pasta cooks in just a few minutes and makes a filling meal. Got more time to spare? Try spinach and ricotta lasagne or spinach and ricotta cannelloni. In both cases, ricotta replaces the traditional white sauce, leaving you with less washing up.

Spinach pesto: Look away now, Italians! Spinach may not be a traditional ingredient in pesto, but it can taste really great. If you don't have expensive, fragile basil leaves on hand, try using spinach as a cheap, easy alternative. It's not exactly how Nonna used to make it, but it's still delicious.

Spinach curry: Spinach is rarely the star of the show, but it plays a great supporting role in your midweek curry. Try a tasty chickpea and spinach curry, or enjoy our vibrant creamy pea curry with spinach and cannellini beans. A wealth of different textures and flavours makes this a vegetarian meal that even meat-eaters love.

Spinach Recipe FAQs

How to cook spinach?

You don't need to cook spinach for long. Just blanch it in boiling water until it wilts. Young leaves will take less time than older leaves.

Can you freeze spinach?

Yes, but don't freeze raw spinach. Instead, chop it up and blanch it first. Use your frozen spinach in curries and sauces, not salads.

Can you eat spinach raw?

Of course, especially baby spinach. Spinach is one of our favourite salad veggies. Just make sure to wash it first, as there may be a bit of soil clinging to the leaves.

Is reheating spinach safe?

It's better to avoid reheating spinach too many times. Once is okay, but if you keep reheating it, the nitrates in the vegetable may start to become harmful.

How do you cook spinach without losing nutrients?

Cook it as lightly as possible — just a quick bath in boiling water is all it takes. Overboiling is what usually causes veggies to lose nutrients.

How do you store fresh spinach?

Refrigerate your spinach in a bag or airtight container. It will usually keep for up to a week. If it's gone soggy in the fridge, don't eat it.

How do you wash and clean spinach properly?

With baby spinach, you might get away with a quick rinse. If you've got a bunch of spinach, it's best to soak it in cold water and rinse it carefully. Pat the leaves dry when you're done.

What's the difference between baby spinach and regular spinach?

Baby spinach is harvested sooner than regular spinach. The leaves are sweeter and more tender. Baby spinach is ideal for salads, while regular spinach might be a bit too tough.

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